Saturday, June 02, 2007

May's Many Milestones

Oh my goodness, I haven't updated in so long! In some ways, I've thought you've just been mosying along, but really, you've been doing lots!

You're practically running. You love going up and down curbs and doorways. You love walking. You barely crawl at all except at daycare. You've been walking for about a month and a half and you've been getting up to standing almost as long.

Since the last post, you have been sick, teething, and had an ear infection. That really threw off your balance for a while there.

You've been getting better, slowly, at solving your own problems instead of just screaming. And our tactic of teaching you 'uh oh' when you fall instead of running to pick you up so that you cry for attention has been working really well. You aren't crying about little things half as much. A couple kids at music grabbed at you a bit, and you hardly flinched. It's so great. Of course, if you are actually injured, I still run and give you kisses and hugs. Your becoming a lot more independent.

Your music classes and swimming lessons have been wonderful. I liked the new swim teacher. She has you gliding/swimming to me in the water! Under water! The music classes have both been so great for you. You're singing back to 'sol mi' and you love to copy 'ba ba ba ba' to a beat slapping your lap. You love the hello song where we do different things with the egg shakers and you can even do the things the beg kids are doing with the eggs (roll them, tap them, tap your head, tap your knees, shake them) except usually, you're about one behind. Silly.

Today you got to use your bubble mower outside when Daddy mowed the lawn too. Uncle Tarrie came and set up a big pool for you. You also got to hang out in your little wading pool for a couple hours while I weeded. You've been such a good player.

Here are the words you say now (or at least as many as I can remember). I seem to think you've been saying lots, but I can't think of them. And you pretty much will try to copy any words we say.
new - good bye (really you say 'good good')
new - thank you (sounds more like kay-q)
new - Papa (for Grandpa - Ken)
new - Gampa (for Grand-Dan)
new - garbage
newer - hat
buh bye

Here are the animal sounds you currently say.
Cow - brooo
Cat - mow
Dog - woof woof
Monkey - uh uh (instead of ooh ooh)
Elephant - pfhhh (like a trunk noise, hard to explain)
Chicken - cluck cluck (you actually click your tongue)
Sheep - baaa
Rooster - cock doo
Bear - Raa

You are signing lots more now too. You'll copy a whole bunch of the signs of the signing DVDs when the kids are doing them, but here are some of the ones you'll initiate and do on your own.
new - Bath
new - sleep
new - mum (since yesterday)
newer - Dad (for about 3 or so weeks) You kind of hit your head
new - hat
Hi (not new, but I never wrote it in before)
Change (you'll sign change if you're poopy or just on the change table if I ask you to)

That's all I can think of right now!

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