Sunday, May 05, 2013

April. Soon to Come - The Last Few Months Too!

I keep enjoying this ability to take pictures with my phone and share them on Facebook so much that I forget to update the blog.

These, I'm pretty sure are all just pictures from my phone.  It's all I do anymore.  I'm sure there are still photos on the cameras too.

Here is April...

The boys enjoying Easter eggs from their Easter baskets that they sneaked up into AJ's bed.

Enjoying some time on a relaxing weekend on the tablets.

Sleepover night with friends.  Don't worry, AJ's wearing shorts!

Colouring time with Emerson!

Wii time with Josh!

Superman time.

AJ trying to make music with glasses filled with different amounts of water.

Dexter pushing a friend on the swing at AJ's school.

AJ falling asleep in bed, reading.

One of many yummy dinners.


A masterpiece.

Hanging out with Uncle Paul, sword fighting on the Wii.

Playing wii with another friend.

Soccer club at school.  AJ's in goal there.

Storytime.  Dexter fell asleep.

Yum!  Their favourite.  Parmesan chicken and parmesan noodles.

With crazy ice cream sundaes for dessert.

Enjoying mesmerizing music from the new mp3 players.

 Daddy teaching them how to use motors with their Legos.

AJ's been enjoying making robots from a Lego robot book he's been reading from the library.
 And... Dexter made...... this.  I'm not sure what it is, but it's a vehicle and he wanted his picture taken.
  Poor third-wheel, Jaxon with Emerson and Dexter.

 The little kid gang hanging out in the rental truck that I used while the van was getting a new torque converter.

 Dexter demonstrating proper posture when using a computer.

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