Thursday, February 10, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

We're still enjoying having Daddy home, of course! When people ask how he's doing, my instinct is to say, "He's great." lol. But, really, I mean, to a normal person, no, he's not great. Here's what's great:

He's alive and he appears to be always getting better. He said he didn't take any insulin yesterday. That's great. His cold seems to be getting better. That's great. He was feeling well enough to do a bit of grocery shopping. That's great.

But, how does he actually feel? Like if it were you or me feeling like he feels, we'd probably say that we feel like we've been hit by a train. He's still getting over the cold, but the coughing is getting better. The Prednisone still has his leg muscles pretty weak and his face puffy. He is wiped after any form of exercise and that includes standing up while making dinner. He tends to use a stool to 'take breaks' while he's cooking/when he's cooking. He hangs out on the couch a lot and fits in naps, but he helps out in all the ways he feels well enough to do so. He's good and cuddly and we've been enjoying some great episodes of "An Idiot Abroad" as of late and having some good giggles together.

Getting to watch two knew episodes of Glee was a highlight of our week as well! YAY Glee!

For you Aunts out there that ask me to 'turn the camera on yourself', here's me doing 'bedtime storytime' with the boys on the couch. I used to do storytime in bed, but man, I'd get so tired and then I wouldn't accomplish anything afterward!

The boys beg for forts just about every single day. I have permanently hung a curtain under AJ's loft bed, and the other sheets there are temporary each day to make "Dexter's house" so they can visit each other.

They bring little toys into the reading bed. Ooooh, I dislike that. I'll cuddle in at night to read some Secret World of Og to AJ after normal bedtime stories, after I put Dexter to bed, and "Ouch!" a Bakugan in my butt!

I was in one of my card-making-moods on the weekend, so I made AJ's birthday party invitations!

This one is for his afternoon party with his girl-friends. We're going to paint flower pots and plant flowers in them.

This one is for the morning party with his boy-buddies. It will be a digging-in-the-dirt kind of party in the backyard. He's pretty stoked!

Here's a night this week when the boys chose to use their chore tickets they'd earned to play Rockband. Dexter likes the drums and the microphone.

AJ likes microphone, drums, or guitar. It's funny watching him sing while trying to read the words that are whizzing past the screen WAY too fast for him to be able to read them all. You'll hear him shout out a word that he caught every so often. Luckily, here, he was singing "Poker Face" with which he was pretty familiar.

Daddy rockin' out on the guitar.

On Monday, we drove with Richard to his appointment at VGH. We dropped him off, and the boys and I went to Aberdeen Centre to go to Daiso to pick up a few bento lunch supplies. We got to the mall at about 10:10am and read the mall hours. What kind of mall doesn't open until 11am on a Monday? Luckily, the front doors were open and some stores, including Daiso, were already open. So, it all worked out.

After the mall, I took the boys to one of our favourite parks in Richmond. It was VERY cold and VERY windy. I had packed boots for the mud, warm hoodies, and raincoats in case it rained. I didn't pack mittens and toques.
But the boys didn't complain. That's Dexter telling me to "Come, please."

Ahh, a good old fashioned cement playground castle. I dread the day when some crazy over-protective mom pleads with the city to rip this down because her child got a bruise.

So sunny. But sooooo cold.

Look at this old thing! It's just waiting for a child to slip, get their leg caught, and half fall off while the leg's still stuck. The boys have a great time pretending on here.
AJ drew a pretty cool dinosaur in the dirt with a stick!
I see you, Dexter!

Awwww, my boys.

We picked up Richard, and met my dad at Milestone's in Vancouver, near the hospital after that. We were running into Dexter's naptime. After Dexter had a few curly fries, and his eyes were closing while he was eating, Richard tried to encourage Dexter to rest a bit. He was fighting it, but he eventually gave in.

Grand-Dan and AJ being silly. Thanks for the great lunch, Grand-Dan. A good beef-dip always makes Richard a happy-camper.

Dexter was out cold for a good 45 minutes or so until we woke him up to leave.


Anonymous said...

South Arm! Love that park. I grew up in Richmond and spent many days there! Karyn Vigelius

Keri said...

Tsk, tsk, Sonja. I saw a spelling error...and you call yourself a teacher. ;)
Love ya!

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

I'm the laziest blog editor ever!
Like, I don't edit at all.
Let me know the mistake and I'll go fix it. lol