Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mom's Birthday!

What a great day.

The day started with us visiting my friend Jen's church for the morning service. Those who know me are wondering "What the heck?"

The answer is, "AJ wants to go."
So, we're church-shopping with him right now. Jeepers.

After that, some lunch, then we picked up Makenna from her house for a playdate that continued into Dexter's naptime and beyond.

Here's a picture of AJ and Makenna using Makenna's new tracers. They did that for a long time and then followed by colouring some of the images.

What a pretty darned peaceful playdate.

After Dexter woke up and we had some afternoon snack, we headed outside to play and so that I could pump up all the bike tires. Seriously, ALL the bike tires and the tires on my jogging stroller. URG.

We took Makenna home, and Daddy headed out to do a little grocery shopping. I took the boys for a bike ride, while I jogged.

I think I got some great pics on my phone of that. Unfortunately, there is a 'making of SNL' show on t.v. right now and I'm fitting in this blog write-up on the commercials, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to upload my phone pics and write about that venture.

Mom, Ken, Kim, and Paul arrived shortly after that for some birthday cake.

Remember the cake I made yesterday?

Well, here's how that went over:

We lit the candles and sang "Happy Birthday".

She blew out the candles.

And then......

She gave it her official approval.

And Kim gave it her approval.

And Paul gave it his approval.

And AJ gave it his approval.

And I, of course, gave it mine.

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