Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Rest of the Pictures from March/April

Ladies and Gentlemen. You are looking at a box, right? Wrong! This isn't just a box!! This isn't even just a flowered box! It's not just a flowered box that Dexter got for Easter with a bunny stuffed inside from Gram and Papa! For just 5 easy payments of just $49.99, you too can have yourself the one and only........

DEX-box. It's not just a box. It's a stool! It's a hat! It's a secret treasure compartment. It's whatever you want it to be!!!

I'm not kidding about how much this kid loves stools and backing up to anything his size to sit on.

This is Dexter trying to get the last bits of "Bachelor Chow" out of his bowl. Bachelor Chow is Daddy, AJ, and Dexter's favourite meal!!!

This is just Dexter hanging out at Gram's house.

Really, he doesn't have a soother in all the time. Only when he sleeps.
Or is cranky.
Or has a fever.
Or is tired.
Or is close to nap.
Or is about to get in the car for the morning nap.
Or, he sneaks it from somewhere.
Or, I forget to take it off of him after a nap.


AJ searching for eggs in the living room. Note the ones on top of the picture frames. He got such a kick out of all the crazy places the EB left the eggs. Such a kick in fact, that you actually get to have the privilege of seeing AJ smile for a picture. Chocolate will do that to a kid, I guess.

My boys in the morning. Baba and Fruit Smoothie.

The boys favourite passtime..

Swiffering. I have two of them. I've shortened the handles for them. They definitely didn't learn to swiffer from me. It must be from that Auntie Erica lady!

Side note: AJ is all about fighting bad guys right now. Here, the swiffer is not a swiffer, but rather, a sword.

I'm always feeling so bad for Dexter that he hardly get to play with AJ's train tracks because I usually close AJ's gate when I've set up the tracks with AJ so that Dexter doesn't take it all apart after all of our hard work to set it all up.

So, I finally made and glued down a track for Dexter that slides under his dresser for storage. He was pretty excited when I showed him it. However, in this picture, AJ is the one checking it out.

And, we end with a pic of "My Boys" sitting on Dexter's 'stools' in his room at his special play table a-la-mommy. Yes, the stools are potties.

That darned paci again!!!


The Bee Hive said...

Loving the first and last pictures! That's so cute of your two boys. What a fun play area, too. :-)

AUntie E said...

Dex sitting on the tiny box was the best thing I've seen all day. He is so cute!!
Auntie Erica

Statemas said...

Dexter is scrumptious.
Loving your HUGE bag of toilet paper (I think it was TP). Do your kiddos play on it too?