Monday, April 20, 2009

Pictures from the Easter Weekend Trip to Science World

These are not in any particular order:

Grannie took AJ, Dexter, Mommy, and Daddy to Science World for the Lego exhibit!

As you can see, AJ thought it was pretty cool.

Here are Mommy and AJ checking out some lizards.

AJ sending Lego cars down the racing ramp.

AJ chucking balls up into the water thing with Grannie.

AJ climbing up into the play structure to throw mats down.

AJ loved the river type thing.
You can put in plastic planks to control the flow or create a dam.

Turn the crank to make the robot play an instrument.

These are drums that you step on.

Daddy shows Dexter some Lego structures.

Daddy shows Dexter how to use the drums.

Dexter goes climbing up to the slide.

Dexter loved the racing ramp.

Dexter says, "Whaaaaa." What he means is, "I want the fire truck on the ramp."

Just some of the Lego splendor.

The kids can sit in the Lego race car and they are projected using the green screen onto the television on a race track.

AJ had a lot of fun with the boy on the other side of these pegs, making hand prints and body prints.

AJ shows Dexy how to drive the Lego car.

Hopping out of the recycle bin.

Sliding down the garbage shute.

Space ship at the play place.

Going for a spin.

Still spinning.

Who doesn't love Whack-a-Mole?


Efka ja Keirpoiss said...

This looks like fun place to go

D'Anna said...

What a COOL place! I hope we can find something like this when we visit the States in Fall!
You are such a FUN mom, Sonja!

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Grannie gets the credit for taking us to Science World!!