Saturday, July 21, 2007

No No No No No More Starbucks!!!

Well, there was some new word you were saying and for the life of me, I can't remember. Oh well. I've been having a really good time taking you to the park lately and watching you play at Toddler Town. You can go up and down the steps by yourself and down the slides by yourself. You like to go down on your butt now instead of your tummy.

You've been using your pretend baby bottles to feed 'baby' and Monkey. It's pretty cute.

You are stringing signs together over this past week and a bit. You will sign things like...
more, milk, please
please, more, DVD

Also, you say, "bum". You spank the bum of the character in one of your potty books and say, "Bum!!!!"

Here's the big news though...

You finally say, "No!"

Not that I've been looking forward to you saying this, but more like, waiting. You say it now, and it is the cutest sounding thing you say. It's even cuter than when you sign and say, "Help".

Auntie Jen and I are slowly realising that we just can't take you and Makenna to Starbucks anymore. You two are just way too loud and excited. We just feel too badly for all the people who are in there trying to 'get away from it all'. I wish there was a baby-friendly coffee shop.

You are back into driving your ride on cars around the house. You just go all over the place and have a great time. Also, you've finally discovered your bouncing zebra. You had a blast on it yesterday.

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