Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Boy, Reading a Book! Well, Not Really.

A Proud Mommy moment...
-Tonight, after your normal bedtime stories, you brought me one of your mini-colour-board-books. This one was "Green". We've probably read it once a day this particular week.
-Anyhow, I turn to the first page and say, "What's that?"
You say, "Appo" (that wasn't the impressive part because you say "appo" all the time.)
I say, "Yes, it's a green apple!"
I turn to the next page and say, "What's that?"
You say, "Coluuur".
I say, "Yes, it's colours! It's green crayons!"
Next page.
You say, "Maa bow".
I say, "Yes, it's green marbles!"
Next page.
You say, "bupbuh".
I say, "Yes, it's buttons!"
You didn't say, "socks" on the next page though.

I'm just impressed that you learned those words from me naming them a few times this week. It makes me feel like I should be reading to you even more. Uggg, I should get off the computer more.

Not sure if I mentioned in the last post, but you also say, "Shoe" now.

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