Friday, November 09, 2012

More From the Summer, Such As Camping...

Camping at Deka Lake.

Firstly, let me just say it was COLD at 100 Mile.  It supposedly warmed up, just after we left, of course, but despite it being August and nice and hot at home, it was down to like 2 degrees at night I would guess.  Plus, I was sick with a cold.  

Nonetheless, so great to get away.

Somehow, there are no pictures of my sister, and not even really any pictures of my mom.  

There are no pictures of my brother because HE DID NOT SHOW UP.  Darned teenage boys these days.

AJ and Roxy.

Dexter and Ken (Papa).
Yes, the boys are in pajamas.  Those are not regular pants.


Dexter, thrilled to have a potato chip.

My favourite time - campfire.

The boys blowing coloured bubbles.  Thanks, Auntie Kim.  Not.

Out on the boat and fishing.

 The boys got to take turns driving the boat.


Skipping rocks.

Every so often, I make sure there's record of my existence.

 The boys, thinking they are being helpful.  Unstacking some wood to bring it to a new spot and stack entirely incorrectly.

My little poser.

Made a make-shift bike ramp.

Richard gives them knives, of course.

Ken and Vinnie.



AJ was winning at 'cheat' (AKA bullsh*t).  Then, he was sooooo not winning.  Here he is holding practically the whole deck beside Jared.

AJ loves dogs.

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ErIca said...

camping looks so fun. I miss "camping Sonja." I want to camp with you next summer.