Monday, April 16, 2012

We Brought a Camera, but I Forgot to Use it!

We just came back from visiting Richard's parents. We brought a camera, but do you think we took any pictures? Nope. I took a couple on my phone, but I cannot access them yet.

Here are four that Aunt Elaine already sent. She's much more on the ball than I.

Well, until Kim and Paul have kids of their own (which is probably not anytime soon since they're just 20 and 18), the boys will have to settle for 2nd cousins or cousins once removed or whatever they're called. Basically, Richard and I's cousins' kids. The boys have no complaints, obviously. I don't think cousins can get much more fun than this.

Here are Richard's cousin Laura's children, Abby and Treavor.
Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. Uncle Bill is in the background here.
Everytime we come, Aunt Elaine has some messy gift (bless her heart) for the boys to play with.
This time, Richard and I successfully convinced her that the large amount of bubble toys and bubble soap should stay at her house for future visits. YAY!
It was a great visit, as always.
We arrived on Friday night, settled in for a comfy sleep.
Early in the morning, Norma and I headed off for coffee with her friend Linda, the market, and some shopping.
In the afternoon, Bud and Richard headed out for a beef dip (Richard's fave) at the pub. This is a privilege of which they were robbed last visit because Norma and I stayed out too long which we tend to do. She's fun, what can I say?
We had a delicious turkey dinner that evening.

On Sunday, we headed out for coffee again without the kids, but this time at a vineyard, then down into farm country to a tea farm for some tea, chatting, and some gallery-looking.
Richard and I popped by for a visit with Aunt Elaine, Uncle Bill, Grandpa-Clark, Laura, Abby, and Treavor. That evening, Grandpa-Clark came over for some VERY tasty Chinese food.

We packed up the next morning, caught the 12:30pm from Departure Bay because Duke Point is STILL CLOSED, and were home by about 3:40pm. Perfect.

Totally unrelated...

A few weeks ago, AJ won a medal at school for the reading Olympics. He came in second place for home-reading minutes in his grade. The pics pretty blurry, stolen from his school newsletter. He's in the far left corner at the bottom. That's for his February reading contest (it's not a contest every month) reading 1030 minutes for the evenings of February. (It counts mommy reading stories to him, Daddy, Dexter, and AJ reading stories to us, and when he reads in bed each night).

Great job, AJ.

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