Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Phun from the Phone so Phar

My Classroom

I had to come in the Friday after my last day of work to finish setting up my desk area of my new classroom. Andrea and I (Andrea's my job-share partner) switched rooms, so that we are now upstairs in the old building. You can tell by the chalkboards that the building is over 100 years old.
The boys mostly kept themselves busy by playing with my moving boxes, but when they had exhausted all of their bus/race car activities, and were all finished colouring and drawing pictures for me, they laid on the floor on my circle-time mats to play some drawing games (AJ on Daddy's ds and Dexter on AJ's Leapster). AJ was a great big brother that day helping Dexter with the games and even let him play the ds! Shhhh, don't tell Daddy!

Eagle Mountain

One of our MANY trips to Eagle Mountain. AJ showing off his mad two-wheelin' skills.

AJ thinks he's pretty good at riding on two wheels. He likes to do this swerving things where he wiggles the handle bars back and forth like 'crazy driving'. I've told him many times that it's not a good idea and that one day the wheel will stop him and he'll fall over. I also let him know that this wasn't a 'maybe' (I'm always very careful to usually say don't-do-that-or-you-might....) and that this was definitely going to happen sometime very soon. It happened a few days later at the zoo. He didn't cry. He didn't scream. He just stayed there, stunned, knowing that I-told-you-so had just come true. Other that that, he IS doing very well on his bike. Hills, grass, standing, swerving. He's even tried to pop a wheelie a couple times. Thank goodness AJ helps me unload the bikes and scooters. With him still loving the balance bike (he thinks it's a trick bike), it means unpacking three bikes and two scooters every time we come here.

Dexter is on another bike strike. He finally seems to be getting the hang of braking, but doesn't go on his bike enough to practice. He just loves his three wheel scooter instead.

Another day at Eagle Mountain. Many of the times I go, I meet various friends up there, but I do really love the days when I'm there alone with the boys. Sure, I might play a couple rounds of Word Mole on my Blackberry, but most of the time is spent pushing them on swings, helping them on the thingy that slides from one end to the other while they hold on, and sitting at their bark-mulch restaurant that I call Chez-Mulch-D'Arbres. They correct me and tell me that I am at Starbucks. They take my order. They bring me my food. I pretend to eat bark-mulch.

Mill Lake

Sometimes we like to pack up our dinner and head to the playground for a picnic. We were at Mill Lake this time. Here's AJ climbing.

Here's Dexter goofing around on the bench instead of finishing his meal. I swear, next time, I'm going to remember to sit on a blanket.

Hey, it's us!

Some teens had tied their belt up in the tree and were kind of doing the Tarzan thing. AJ and Dex asked if they could use it. The kids said, "Sure!". Gee thanks guys.

Here's fearless Dexter.

Here's AJ sporting his bike helmet.

The BackYard

The backyard is where many of our mornings and afternoons have been spent. This must've been an afternoon because the pool doesn't get shade until about 4:00pm. AJ's floating on his boat while Dexter pulls him around.


One of the many mornings at Thomas Swift. Jen's daughter is in every day morning swimming lessons (AJ and Dexter are twice a week evenings). So, each day when I'm finished at the gym, and Jen's done at swimming lessons, we usually meet up in her backyard, or my backyard, or Mill Lake, or Eagle Mountain, or here at one of the elementary schools with the best playground.

This is one of AJ's favourite games to play with me. He's trying to get by me to touch the bench.

My boys!
Chillin' in the shade at Chez Mulch D'Arbres. Oh wait, no... Starbucks,.... right.

The Zoo Again? Yes, Again!

One of the many days at the zoo. As we were parking, AJ saw another little boy on his two-wheeler and begged to be able to ride his. After verifying that Dexter was not interested in riding his bike (phew) and a long conversation clarifying my role as a mother and not a 'bike-slave', I said, "Sounds great!"

He made it around the whole zoo, only asking me once to take his bike.

A little stop at the playground before heading home.

And.........the new Petting Zoo!!!!

I have lots to say about the boys. I'll save it for when Richard uploads photos from the camera and I gather my thoughts. For now, just some photos to satisfy anyone who likes to see what we've been up to!


Lee Ann said...

Your boys are adorable love the new pics xxx

SamiJoe said...

Hot fun in the summertime!

I really enjoyed this update--especially the two wheeling news! Avery is almost ready for no training wheels too!

Efka said...

boxes are always fun