Saturday, June 05, 2010

Phun Phone Photos

Grandmas and Grandpas and anyone else who reads along in my 'Baby Book for the Boys', here's the newest update. Actually, I'm still not writing a bunch about the boys here. Maybe next time.

Dirty hands from playing in mud puddles. Does it get better than that?

I think not.

I had Richard upload photos from my phone. It's always nice to have a little reminder of what we've been up to for the last little while. Sometimes I forget how much fun we've had. I just have to look at my phone to see.

So, here's a little taste. Yes, some are blurry because I don't believe Richard when he tells me that the roller ball doesn't 'zoom in'. Evidently, he's correct.

Here you will see Dexter demonstrating just how dirty one's hand can get when your mama allows you to have 'free play' in mud puddles.

Good ole Expo 86 benches. They're everywhere. Just a little reminder of how old I am.

So here's the story. It was the very last day to be able to use our zoo-year-membership before it ran out. I was determined to go on the last day, rain or shine. We put on boots and raincoats just to go to the zoo and jump in puddles. The animals were of no concern, although, we did incidentally look at some.

Here the boys are playing just in front of the jaguar.

It was a deep puddle.

This is how AJ smiles for me when I ask him to smile for me for a picture.

We spent 25 minutes at this puddle after having lunch and going on the train.

This is a totally separate trip to the zoo a couple weeks before maybe. The boys were viewing the 'birds of prey'.

And here's the tortoise.

Here's a cool new slide at our newest playground that I'm sure won't be around for long since it's the "sue everyone for anything" kind of time.

The slide has no sides. The kids either need to wrap their legs around it, or keep their legs together and straight and lean back a bit while they hold on with their hands. It kind of looks like a giant tongue.

A giant tongue that licks small children.... yah, that slide's going to get taken out for sure.

It was a beautiful sunny day. A couple days later, in fact, we took the boys to the water park here.

Mommy takes a picture of Dexter for a special lunchtime at McD's.

Mommy takes a picture of AJ for a special lunchtime at McD's.

AJ takes a pictures of Mommy for a special lunchtime at McD's.

You've heard of Guns&Roses?

Well this is my little group called ...


First, they shoot bad guys.

Then, they ask to see what the picture looks like.
"Me see! Me see!"

More shooting of bad guys.

Stopping to blow dandelion seeds all over my already meadow-like back yard.

It has since been mowed, but boy did they have fun.

Hmmm, this just reminds me it needs to be mowed again.

Brothers sharing a firetruck ride.

Asleep on the way to the ferry ride to Grannie's house for Great Grandpa Clark's 90th birthday party.

A windy day at Eagle Mountain with Makenna.

A sunny day at Eagle Mountain scootering.

Recipe for a good time at the drive-in-movies!

The drive-in was great.

Here's how it worked.

1. We made sure that both boys napped before we left.
2. We had them wear PJs there, of course.

3. Richard pre-made popcorn that we snuck in and our own
4. When we got there at about 8:20 (movie doesn't start until dusk at 9:30), I set up the back of the station wagon with blankets and stuff and put the boys back there to 'play'. I had their 'travel backpacks' that we take to restaurants and kidless people's houses that have crayons, paper pads, pop-up matchbox toys, and some open-the-flap books. They stayed busy back there for about the whole hour. It was great because it was mucky outside from the rain earlier that day.
5. We lowered the middle console thingy in the front seat to make the front seat into a bench seat and the boys came up in to the front seat with us. Popcorn and drinks and blankets and we watched Shrek 4. I'm shocked that Dexter stayed awake the whole time. He was definitely starting to nod off near the end closer to 11pm or so.
6. Potty breaks at intermission. And then we put the boys and their pillows and blankets in the back to go to sleep. They goofed around a bit. We took AJ out of the back and let him sit in the middle in the backseat away from Dex until Dex fell asleep, so AJ watched about the first 5 minutes of Iron Man 2.

7. We put AJ in the back with sleeping Dexy and he was out like a light in about 5 minutes. They were pretty cute with their monkey and dino lovies.

8. Then Richard and I had the front seat to ourselves to watch Iron Man 2. I, of course, fell asleep about half way through.

9. There was no way we could last through the final movie, so we transferred the boys to their carseats and headed home.

10. We were all in bed around 2:30am.

11. Dexter woke this morning around 8am I think. AJ, I'm not sure, as I was asleep and Richard was up at that point.

Shrek 4 was a great movie, but the premise was a little hard for AJ to understand because Shrek goes back in time to a 'what-if' "Christmas Carol" kind of thing before he knew everyone.

I wanted to post a picture of the boys 'one year ago'. Here's the closest date I could find:

It's June 11th, I think. I believe this was the day my dad watched the boys so Richard and I could go to Kim's graduation ceremony.

You know what that means, right?

Today is June 5th, 2010. One year ago today, we heard the news that Richard had Leukemia. Richard will not want me to jinx anything by 'celebrating' his remission or anything like that. So instead, I will just remember this day as a day to be thankful that I still have this wonderful man in my life.

Glad you're here to continue this ride with me, Richard. Love you.


Statemas said...

I LOVE the mud fun.
I wish we lived a tad closer.
Grace could use some AJ and Dexter fun.

ErIca said...

Awww we are glad Richard is along for the ride, too. And you and the boys, too. You seem to be in the car next to us on the journey of life. Let's never veer apart.... unless you stop at a rest stop to make out, which you probably will. But then catch up, K?

AJ and Dexter's Mom said...

Awww. That was sweet.