Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Top Ten Signs That Your Husband's Leukemia Didn't Scare You Enough

So, as I mentioned, I've been kind of crabby the last few days, and it had me thinking....

10. Instead of being concerned about his massive weightloss, you're jealous.

9. You gained 10 pounds while he stayed at the Cancer Lodge because you ate all of his leftover "yay-my-tastebuds-are-back-for-a-while" chocolates instead of saving them for his return.

8. You can't wait for him to be well enough so he can help you put up some wall paper.

7. More darned laundry!

6. You're jealous of his smooth, hairless legs.

5. Instead of being concerned and sympathetic about his hair loss, instead you can't help but impatiently wonder when his sexy eyebrows are going to return already!

4. Instead of being happy that he's here on Earth to go to the Christmas tree farm with you, you instead bite his head off for finally getting dressed 5 minutes after the time you were supposed to leave.

3. On his first day home from the Cancer Lodge, you leave him with the kids for 2 hours so you can get some darned Christmas shopping done!

2. You're so happy he's home to make dinners.

1. Finally! I don't have to do the grocery shopping anymore!


Lee Ann said...

Sonja, seriously I nearly peed my pants!

SamiJoe said...

I agree, this is very funny.
Well, not the situation, but your attitude is healthy.

ErIca said...

LOL- I'm actually shocked this was not written in rhyming couplets. I guess I'll wait for the epic poem of the whole experience to come out later.