Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Two Little Men

Dexter's bath night!

two months and two years

watching Baby
Einstein with Makenna

guess the little people are thirsty?

I can't believe how far behind I've fallen on posting already. Here we go for a new update.

-You are two months old today! It's been a month since I wrote here. you are sooo big! I'll have to weigh you tomorrow. I have no idea how much you weigh. You are out of all of your 0-3 month sleepers. You are wearing little man clothes and looking quite dashing I might add!
-You like to suck on your hands. you've definitely 'found them'.
-you are really strong at tummy time.
-I really thought you'd roll over really fast but no. I think it's because you're not on the floor a whole lot. You're out and about, or in the swing, or in a carrier, or in the bouncy chair, or on someone's lap. I'd better get you working on your rolling!
-you love to be read to. In particular, you are lighting up and going bonkers for "Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?"
-you are liking the tag blanket that I made you too! YAY!
-Your eyes are still big and blue. Blue? Blue! Hmmm. Not sure if they'll stay that way or what.
Grannie and Papa's Visit-February 22
-You got to meet Grannie and Papa Ziegler for the first time. It was very special. They were very happy to see you.
Last Trip to the Midwife - February 26
-You had your last appointment at the midwife. You were 6 weeks old and you weighed 11lbs 12oz!!
Drive In Movie - February 29
-We went to a pretend Drive In movie at Betty Huff Elementary. You were very good. You didn't sleep the whole time, but you were very well behaved.
Time Alone With Mommy and Daddy - March 1
-AJ went to Gram and Papa's house so you got to be alone with Mommy and Daddy for the first time since the hospital. And mommy and daddy got to remember how easy it is to only have a newborn.
AJ's Birthday - march 8 and 9
-you were a very good boy for AJ's birthday party at Go Bananas and for the family birthday the next day. Thank you.
Paci Weaning - March 15
-Well I sure didn't want to be doing this so early, but with you being so congested and your naps getting worse, I had to do it. You were so grunty and loud. You were waking every ten minutes. So starting last night, we started weaning you from the paci for sleep. We're using pat/shh and so far, we're not having to use it much. You are already sleeping sooo much better, and last night, you didn't wake for your middle of the night feed until 5:11am!! Way to go!

You Are Two
-Your birthday parties went great! You dove right into having fun at go Bananas and you even went in the high big kid section having lots of fun with the giant exercise balls. You enjoyed having the family over the next day too.
-You opened your new tricycle and your guitar and colouring books in the morning on the 8th. You loved all three. You were having a hard deciding which to play with.
-At Go Bananas, Makenna got you a new spring coat just like hers, but the 'boy' version, and some fun sticky shapes for crafts that you were using today. You like doing crafts. From Jack, you got a Thomas the Train cargo drop of station and train.
-At the family party....
Great Grandma gave you birthday money and MandMs.
Gram and Papa gave you a ride on dump truck.
Great Auntie Brenda and Great Uncle Al gave you a race car that scares the crap out of you. It rumbles and revs and stuff.
Cousin Mike gave you birthday money too.
Grand-Dan gave you a Thomas the Train additional pack with the conductor station and 3 trains. We later made a HUGE track with all your track pieces.
-In the mail and from visitors...
You've received birthday cards and gifts and money from Great Granny and Great Grandpa Clark, Lauren from my BW birthclub (Kermit the Frog), Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Reberger, my friend Heather (Auntie Heather) and her family (Mega blocks construction Truck set).
-You are asking about Grannie Ziegler lots! She came for a visit on the 22nd of February and bought you some special birthday gifts, 2 big rigs and a bike helmet. You were definitely wondering where the bike was to go with it. You had a great visit with Grannie and Papa and you can't wait to see them again.
The Drive In
-We went to a pretend Drive in movie last month. you were soo well behaved. You sat in your special chair or on Daddy or my lap the whole time. We watched Shrek The Third.
Your Talking
-Still chatting up a storm. Sentences are flying out at the speed of light. You're a little bit witty if I may say so. I swear since you tunred two, you're saying more consonants now.
Colouring and Drawing
-You still love colouring. You're getting really good. You can also draw things like a rectangle, a face, a circle (well that's not new), the letter A for AJ, and a balloon (that's not new either). You love using your colour wonder felts and finger paint. You like using glue too. Don't even get me started on painting with water books!
The Alphabet and Counting
-so it's been over two months that you've been singing the alphabet song. You like to pretend to play the song on the piano. One key for each letter. Which reminds me to mention how much you love playing your harmonica. You are hilarious stopping your foot and everything.
-you can almost count to twenty now. You count up to 12 accurately, when you're stacking things, or going up stairs, etc, but after that, you can say the other numbers, but they're a little jumbled up.
-You can identify almost all the letters in the alphabet and you even know some of their sounds1 Yay for Leap Frog toys!
-you can name and draw shapes too. Today, you were drawing lines out of diamond shapes and saying, "Kite Mommy!" too cute
Potty Training
-Okay, so it's no news that you've been peeing on the potty forever. You've been pooping on the potty too. You aren't afraid to anymore.
-I'm considering you officially trained now as of the day before your 2nd birthday I guess. You still wear pull ups for naps and bed, but are usually waking dry.
-you wear underwear in and out of the house now, and for the past 3 days,there's been no accidents at all. Not even the little ones that let you know the pee is there.
-teh best part is that you can do it all yourself. you can pull down your pants and underwear, you can put the potty seat on the potty, you can get up on the stool, you can 'point it down', and you go. You've even gone a few times on your own but without calling us to come too. You just walked in, went, and walked out to go on with your business. What a big boy!
Helpful with Dexter
-You helped hold a bottle today and you can give him the pacifier and know how to tap it gently to get him to keep it in! Thanks!

This is all I can think of for now.

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